I Pledge to:

  1. Share this with my friends, colleagues and family (print a copy and post it on my house, work desk, share to social media, etc)
  2. Commit time each Friday to do something to help mitigate Climate Change (see “Start¬†Here?”)
  3. Extend my reading to further understand why Climate Scientists and others are so scared for the future of our Planet and what they think we should be doing to stop it (see “Resources“)
  4. Engage with others to find out if they know more than I do or vice-versa and seek to discuss what we can collectively do to mitigate Climate Change
  5. Seek to introduce #FridayClimateWork to my place of work or other community organisations so that colleagues and friends can work together
  6. Question my sources of media and ask myself “is the newspaper I’ve been reading or TV news I’ve been watching for 20 years, still the same source of great information that it used to be?”. If not, stop purchasing that “news” and supporting organisations that are attempting to manipulate for ulterior motives (See upcoming page “Media Choices”)
  7. Question my choice of products – Is the product produced sustainably? Is it produced by a good corporate citizen? If not, can I change to a similar product from a better supplier? (See upcoming page “Good Corporate Citizens”)
  8. Rethink my choice of political party – Does “my” party really represent my core values? Has the party changed significantly over decades to the point that it actually does no longer represent my values? If so, research what alternatives are available (see upcoming page “Political Parties”)



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