If you are still wondering or are in denial whether Climate Change is real, please consult our “Resources” page for links to scientists and other materials that explain it.


  • If you are in despair about government inaction on Climate Change,
  • Are sick of waiting around for someone else to sort it out,
  • Are inspired by the #ClimateStrike #ExtinctionRebellion and other movements, but want to do more than protest,
  • Are not quite sure what you can do to help; or
  • Have some ideas of your own that you would like a community to assist with,

. . . . . . then this might just be the place for you.

We would really appreciate you joining our community, participating in the forums and taking the action steps most fitting for your current lifestyle.

We HOPE to support you and challenge you to STEP UP and lead a more SUSTAINABLE life by making more CONSCIOUS, EQUITABLE and sustainable CHOICES.

But what we would REALLY LOVE is for you to DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND, take our PLEDGE and live by it to the best of your ability.

Please help us help save the world from Climate Change.

Start by visiting “Where to Start?

Michael Reid
16 February 2019

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