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For those who prefer a more formal request…..

I am both awestruck and ashamed by the courage of the new generation of people standing up for the future of the Earth:

  • Greta Thunberg (#ClimateStrike) , really hit home. A diminutive 15 year old young woman standing up at a conference of world leaders and telling them how it is. There are now leagues of “children” standing up all around the world and demanding action. Amazing.
  • The rationality of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (#GreenNewDeal) calling out the old money politicians in the USA.
  • More amazing people associated with those, and other, movements such as #ExtinctionRebellion.

However, whilst withdrawing labour and attention is the penultimate act of the marginalised, disenfranchised, neglected and downright abused, it is not a worthy ambition for those of us in leadership positions or with other forms of power.

WE need to:

  • Stand up and lead for the future of the Earth and humanity
  • Encourage those around us to voice their opinions and engage constructively
  • Look to the future and innovate
  • Demand proper leadership from others in leadership positions

Short term change, and associated long term changes, must come from many people rising up and taking strong steps towards a better future.

Real leaders need to provide alternatives for the less leadership inclined to focus their attention and on which to spend their time and money.

I am starting the #FridayClimateWork movement to support the taking of action steps by people disappointed with government leadership.  Our key objectives are:

  1. Provide information in an easily digestible format to enable people to make better choices about the organisations from which they buy products
  2. Provide clear action steps for people concerned about Climate Change primarily using graphics and videos via website/phone app
  3. Encourage workplaces to allocate a small block of time each week for staff to collaborate and take action on Climate Change
  4. Encourage members and the general community to make active choices to transfer wealth back from bad corporate citizens

The broad plan is to create a “Not For Profit” organisation to manage staff, funds and develop systems and media campaigns to develop and pursue the elements of the attached mind map.

I generally think I can do these things myself, however I may need a little help on this one….

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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Michael Reid
16 February 2019

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