DAMMIT, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING? The whole point of this website is to reduce consumption and direct your spending to more sustainable options.

Every T-Shirt, Mug, Pen, mouse pad, etc. needs to be manufactured, shipped, used and then discarded. All of which require energy and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

We would strongly encourage you NOT to buy merchandise, unless it meets the following criteria:

  • Manufactured equitably – providing a decent living wage for the people making the items
  • Manufactured from sustainable, reusable, recyclable materials, using sustainable energy
  • Shipped using low energy transport methods – if you buy a T-Shirt manufactured in Bangladesh, shipped to England for printing, then air freighted to you via cargo plane, that is completely wasteful and needs to be stopped

If you can’t ascertain the supply chain of the item, don’t buy it.

We did think about setting up a pretend online shop and then after you make a purchase, we blast you for doing so and give you the option to convert your purchase to a donation or continue to buy the item. This still seems like a good way of making the point, but perhaps falls afoul of various consumer protection laws.

We did think of setting up an online shopping portal to make it easier to buy sustainably produced products, but there are already numerous online stores doing this. We suggest you do Internet searches to find the items you need.

However, we do intend to establish a database enabling members to compare products, services and their providers to more easily choose sustainable products.

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